Residential Design

While most of us would love to personally design the interiors of our home, somewhere down the line we do need professional help and advice from the experts in the field of interior decoration and architecture. Each corner of your house is unique, which means it requires special attention from an experienced interior designer.

Each component of your house tells people more about you. The design of the interior of your home affects every aspect of your life. A simple new coat of paint from time to time does not do justice to the place you call your home. Our August Architects  designers understand that your home is very close to your heart and take all your suggestions into consideration before planning out a new, refreshing design. We bring you new exciting trends and furnishing ideas, depending upon your decorating style and requirements.

Be it simple, trendy or traditional – our ideas will brighten up your home


Story Behind The Design. 
As a designer to a client, I propagate that the most important part (primary elements) in any space is space planning, lighting, furnishings, furniture pieces, in that order.
Rest all are secondary. So if one has a budget constraint, the primary elements need to be focused on from the beginning.
What happens typically is that clients (budget specific), concentrate on elements like flooring, veneer, hardware used etc and neglect the primary elements. Because of which they are left with very little or no budget at the end for the more important aspects of a space. That comprise is the reason for a show down in most of the ‘mediocre’ looking projects.