Consultation Zero Charges

  • “I’m curious what can be done to my place. Need professional help in planning for budgets and timelines. Need to understand the pros & cons of all options. I’m open for new ideas.”
  • We don’t charge for our professional consultation. Give us a call, fix up a time. We’ll give our expert advice in design possibilities, estimates & timelines. 


Design Concept Minimal Charges

  • “I’ve a tight budget but I never compromise on quality or design. I’m willing to participate in executing my project and planning to keep the design part quick and straight forward.”
  • We help you with the design part of the project and suggest the best contractors if needed. Usually the whole process finishes in a few weeks time.

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Turnkey Standard Charges

  • “I believe in iterative planning. I need to visualize every nook of my project before we finalize. Let the design evolve over progressive revisions till we perfect the last screw.”
  • We help from design to delivery. We make sure the project gets 360 deg approach, contemplating all possibilities and options with 100% site support.


Cheap Design Wrong Search

  • “I’m looking for the cheapest designer. I’m okay with copy paste ideas. I’m penny wise & pound foolish. I think design should come free. I don’t want to plan my investments well.”
  • Sorry we’re not the cheapest. Meet us once and we’ll explain why cheap design is the most expensive. If you still insist, there’re many doing this out there.