Sales & Technical QUESTIONS

When is a good time to start thinking about Interior Design for my New House?

  • We believe that it is best to start with the design process 1 month before Construction for Architecture and 40 days before for Interiors.

Why should I seek the service of an Architect or interior designer?

  • Because Our knowledge, expertise, and guidance can help prevent costly mistakes.
  • Because We know how to work with Vendors and contractors…
    they have established contact with skilled trades people, and…
    they supervise your project to completion, smoothly and on time.
  • Because we can help you define and enhance your own distinctive style.
  • Because we Architects can make the most of what you have and do the required research to find what you need.
  • Because we are trained to make the most of available spaces and to create the traffic patterns, Designs , Structures and furniture arrangements that make daily living functional, safe, comfortable and easy.

What should I have at our first meeting for my project?

Collect clippings from magazines and photos of items and decors that appeal to you.

Site or House approximate measurements and Pictures

Have a budget in mind and be honest about it with your designer. Having a ball park figure is a good start. So that Architect can design your house keeping Budget also In mind.

Billing & Time QUESTIONS

What does August Architects charge for consultation.

Our consultation services are offered complimentary to clients, the Other options of services are mentioned in pricing tab. for more details you can contact us.

What will be the Project cost? What is the Time Scheduled for Delivery of Product /Services?

Each project is unique and requires a Proper  consultation to get the Cost ,Budget, Time Frame

Can I cancel the Order or the Services?

Unfortunately after the Confirmation, the services cannot be cancelled.

However the product prices will be refunded if the orders are not placed , But the Services charges will be Non-refundable.

Do you have more questions?